Employee Testimonials

 “Second only to growing and maintaining a successful business is Precise Systems focus on its employees. It is apparent that they are genuinely concerned about the welfare and happiness of the people that work for them.   We are treated with a great deal of respect; receive robust benefits and competitive pay.  Management’s open door policy is more than just an empty invitation. They are personable and approachable. They welcome employee feedback and utilize it to make organizational change to better the working environment for all.  Joining this company has proven to be an excellent decision. “

“Precise Systems is not just a company but a family.  It is an organization of folks with a common goal.  As Employee Owners collectively we remain focused on making the company stronger. Many folks come to work and work hard for the sake of keeping their jobs.  Precise employees work hard to support our customer’s mission but also because of a personal vested interest in the betterment of the company. The establishment of the ESOP only reinforced the already open lines of communication to company Leadership. This is an up and coming organization that truly values its employees.”

“The company culture at Precise is palpable.  It is not just a job – it is a company with a family feel.  We come together to support our customers mission but also when someone on the team needs help everyone supports.  The commitment to community is a top priority for Precise Systems, too.  The company appreciates and supports its employee’s involvement in community organizations and makes efforts to give back generously.”

“Precise has embraced my current skills and but also supports my desire for professional growth.  While I am a contributing team member of our PMA, they are also supporting my interests to grow and expand my area of expertise.  They helped established an Individual Development Plan to facilitate my reaching my career goals.”  

“What attracted me to Precise was not only the type of work that we do, but also that Precise had begun their ESOP program a few months before I was hired. This was the selling point for me! Being familiar with the concept of an ESOP, not only with the benefits of joining at the “ground-level,” but seeing the benefits of having an ESOP in a company that has been employee-owned for over 10 years, made me excited to become a part of Precise.”